I Surprised Brent Rivera With A Custom iPad Pro Mural - Tik Tok


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    Subscribe and watch another one of my videos! Love you guys! Thanks to Brent and his entire team for doing this with us! IG: @Brentrivera @lexibrookerivera @benazelart @lexihensler @jeremyhutchins Congrats Ludmilla Liskun for winning one of the custom iPhones!

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    He’s so nice

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    Zack you are my idol and you're art makes me satisfied 😁😁😁

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    Do you have anymore those ipad's

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    July 10 and my birthday is on 25, on July. And i love u

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    ISS IM 6

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    Pls do drawing tutorials im very bad at drawing

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    7:24 Sheesh , he is working on some moves....

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    Can i have

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    my chance of getting a custom item from zhc is 0.00000001 percent

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    leo's hair is like Dominic brack's

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    Do a modeling video

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    Everyone:😍😍😍😆😆omgg tysm Zhc Meanwhile Jeremy:Did Zhc forgot me 🙂

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    Planet ben :D

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    I like how michelle always has the big eyes its so cute!💖💦😭💫

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    What about the other Brent?

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    😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️ i like it 🤩🤩🤩

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    thats crazy!!!

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    I rilly wont a tablit

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    Hi zHC😃

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    I love the ASMR

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    Everyone talking about the art Me: YOooOo THE EDITING THO

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    Hmm i subscribe you but where is the iphone12???

  • Yessika Tapia
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    cogh cogh um wach where she drew smungbob and aquaqard and patrik look first on... ya

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    He is like art mr.beast! I love your channel

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    The people who disliked are just jealous

  • Milana Vishevsky
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    i couldent stop laughing at 4:33

  • Megan Clifford
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    How do you draw so neatly

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    Can I go to that school

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    So talented I'm shocked

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    Can I have one my family dose not have much money and my daughter really wants one for her birthday

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    ZHC l subiscribe you and what about you Oooooo and l like your video

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    What are you doing LOL

  • Addison Lucas

    Addison Lucas

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    I meant what are you doing Leo

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    Leo is soooooo cuteee😍😍😍🥰😍🥰😘

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    You are the artist of drawing I am proud of you wow

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    Woah sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

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    I wish I could meet you

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    and im from philippines please zhc

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    Michelle has to stop this now

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    Can I plese get 1customized I luv your art

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    Michelle is so cute

  • i love bts
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    I feel bad for jeremy :(

  • krisha unice ballecer
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    I wish give me one of ipod for my online school please🙏🏻🙏🏻im from Philippines please give me one

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    You look like in bella porchs song and you have the same hair as that man😂😁😛

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    what about jeremy?

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    Satisfying alert!!!

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    Can we appreciate how good they make they make the designs?!

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    viv was do the face painting

  • Shiran Sideek
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    “tImE tO sHoW tHeM wHaT i DrEw” Them:Literally paints over it and forgets about it

  • Kimberly Jewell
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    You should make one for Tony hawk or Bethany Hamilton

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    I want one like my cousin

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    Me plss

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    It is like you guys live in heaven

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    Sign me up for ZHC class!

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    There should be a channel called Satisfying ZHC

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    Michelle is soo cute

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    you are the asmr king

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    Me. Me. Plees. Me Alissa

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    zhc in 3000: customising a whole planet for Elon musk



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    I wish you can paint a blackpink MacBook for my sister she is a crazy blackpink fan

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    Stranger things creatures is called hero brined

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    Where do you get your markers from 🥺🥺🥺👉🏼👈🏻

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    Make a Justin Bieber painting tablet please please Justin Bieber ok bye don't don't forget to the sky unicorn ok bye bye-bye

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    I dont want to be famous becuase of fame, fans, or money. I want to be famous so ZHC can paint me things.

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    Love you so much

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    Please tell me that you tolld Brent and his sistre and friends that YOU PAINTID I SCHOOL FOR 5 OR 10 DAYS AND YOU DIDNT SLEEP!

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    The alluring geometry contrastingly work because weasel findingsinitially start for a curious monday. foregoing, icky lip

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    Lol the little hand movements he did just like: I hope nobody saw that . . . . 😐

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    Wow so satisfying

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    para de jogar a maçã no chãooooooooooooooo

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    both lexis are CUTE AS HELL

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    I thinking he edits his muscles

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    can you guys make me a custom nintendo switch PLEASE

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    michel/mishel your looking SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo cute

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    - YOU CHOOSE - (giving like 4000 dollars to millionaires) or (donating the money to charity and to people in need)

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    i love you vidow so darn mach

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    First part - "ASMR NOISES" Me - "Nice 😎👍"

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    Wow I love your videos!!

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    What is ASMR? im new so Idk what that is

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    His girlfriend is so sweet

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    Please give me apple Tab

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    I’m told that you were coming over to my house and then you got me to go to the house and then you can come home to me and I will

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  • Princess Sweet
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    How how are you so good

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    I love your video

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    I love you and you are a good person

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    They have been doing some good life

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    He being so sweet to her girlfriend

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    My new is the same

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    So good ZHC

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