Customizing A Giant Bus And Giving It Away


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    It’s fun surprising my friends but ultimately this helps me do more nice things for the community and people in need too since this all costs a lot of money! Hope you all understand that I’m not trying to flex or anything, I just love giving stuff to everyone and sometimes my friends too. Subscribe and I'll bring you on next time to win free custom items! Or I might just send you some :) Don't forget to subscribe to ZHC Crafts as well

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    Stay pogging ;)

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    its really amazing❤️😍😍😍

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    ZHC did you fall on the bus stairs

  • Ashley Rose Ramirez

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    Lol I’m scared of bees

    MORRIS MARTINEZ9 minuta më parë

    A century later be like:we are be going to costumizing a statue of liberty for new york

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    Every ZHC Video: *Epic Montage Of Something*

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    I like drawing and I draw loads of charter

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    But I followed you right now cause I just got an account

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    M cas

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    Zach: making a “sketch” Me: 👁👄👁

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    Who remembers whenever Mr. beast did this the Tfue

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    Chase had the best reactions

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    I subed

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    What if it rains on the bus--😳😳

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    Lol Heylol

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    Zach should be part of the hype House They'd see instantly how generous he is to everyone

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    0:14 annnd zack tripped😂

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    Now:makes custom bus 8 years later:hello guys toady we are making a new custom mars

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    You are so generous

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    The hype bus

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    I have a question for u, how expensive was ur house??

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    Can you do one for the sway house

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    It would be better if on the stop signs at the front it has subscribe to ZHC and on the back subscribe to the Hype House

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    i literally saw this bus

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    I love ZHC

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    Jaz dive is like throwing her body

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    I’m your biggest fan

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  • Long Do
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    I am your biggest fat

  • Alyssa Yusuf
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    you literally just drew the hype house members signature faces

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    1 year later: customizing japan for everyone.

  • Nicholai Laframboise
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    1:08 but then 11:46, that makes no sense

  • Mihaela Botosneanu
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    Costum Paul artsani

  • Mihaela Botosneanu
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    Prost toxic Roxana română palton

  • Atherliy
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    Do more videos with phase rug

  • LatteBear
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    Im speechless. Like dude he wastes more money then my grandma has in her factory just to entertain us.

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    Are you part of the hype house

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    ZHC is stiil a litte kid at heart

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    Put new laces on your she

  • Jt
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    I love your Videos😉

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    Joanne Allehaibi

  • Laura Chen
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    I love all your video

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    I love your vids

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    So everyone my name is Sarah

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    I think you should make a similar one and give it to piper rockelle and the squad. that would be so cool lol

  • Charlotte Choi
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    dont give these stuff to rich ppl. its not worth it

  • Corinne Bishop
    Corinne Bishop12 ditë më parë

    Hi ZHC I just found ur ALthe channel, and I honestly am obsessed with it! I have been binge watching it for hours. I love seeing all of the cool paintings, I honestly don’t know how u do it!☺️every vid I watch I smile you are an amazing painter and content creator! have a good rest of ur day!

  • Adib Aiman Abdullah
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    Hey zhc, i lost my job during this pandemic. Can you send me some money

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    It took a day for Mr beast house

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  • Milla Doyle
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    at the start it says mind you step zhc trips

  • Dobi
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    What happens if it rains- I don’t think the marker brand you used is water proof 😃

  • Eda Alturk
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    how do you gize have so much money to buy the stuff

  • Zeynep Özel
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    What will happen in the car wash?

  • Angel and Devil Playz
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    Lol was watching this and a chat master add came up and I realized Michelle was in it 😂

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    Jens really be like: uwiiiiiii!!

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    ZCH can u mail stuff to you’re fans or do you have to live near you to get stuff for subscribing?

  • Yasmin brawl
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    im laughing at the time when jhonny poured some cold water on michelles feet it was like 'JHONNYYYYYYYYYY' at 4:48

  • Mia Art, gamer,and unboxer
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    Dats sad

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    jens dive was a 69 ot of 10

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    mister.BEE came

  • Aswathi Aswin
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    guys, when you all are going to customize bullet train...

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    That’s awesome

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    ZHC’s titles in the future: We surprised thanos by giving him a custom infinity gauntlet

  • Jose Agabe
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    Actually i now kinda think that Zach is the leader of the group and her wife or sister is the assistant im just also thinking about it to

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    ZHC in 2000 years: Today we are giving the space a free customised Pluto!

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    Seriously guys, you are the best!

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    Im sub to both chanels

  • Dennis van Akkeren
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    OMG you guys are crazy! Painting a whole bus?! Sooo cool!!! Greets from Holland

  • Gacha…assassin
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    Zach: casually trips over while getting on the bus

  • Sophia Thompson
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    sixty thousand years later : Surprising God with a customized Jesus

  • Dylan Simpler
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    Big fan of Viv, Jaz and Michelle

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    My name is Paris IRL and I live in Paris

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    So pretty

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    Did he fell?

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    You are really making world a happier place ❤❤❤

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    Let's just thanks zhc for all the money he uses in his video

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    I Love zhc

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    OMG you actually did it

  • Blakey Dayana
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    The unkempt priest reciprocally bare because root causally change beyond a rotten drawbridge. educated, oval interactive

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    The safe vision ectrodactyly offend because grill dimensionally post circa a shivering beauty. fuzzy , energetic stamp

  • ??
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    The disagreeable puffin gergely scratch because orchestra postnatally memorise within a outstanding stop. hurt, bright message

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    5:00 big flex moment

  • Ethan Garrett
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    best art ever

  • Makayla Hayden
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    you know that the Hype House has never used the bus

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    Yall say that yall give everyone giveaways but I never get one

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    Hi I really need a laptop for my mom

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    U should have jake draw his weird funny faces of them in the bus lol

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    Zack is a like I think I’m cool but I’m awesome and wholesome :>

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