I Customized A Bus And Gave It To My Friend

I surprised customized a school bus then gave it to Tik Tokers! We also surprised a ton of subscribers with custom gifts!

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching:)

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We even drew LilHuddy , Addison Rae , Charli D'Amelio , Dixie D'Amelio and more on the bus


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    It’s fun surprising my friends but ultimately this helps me do more nice things for the community and people in need too since this all costs a lot of money! Hope you all understand that I’m not trying to flex or anything, I just love giving stuff to everyone and sometimes my friends too. Subscribe and I'll bring you on next time to win free custom items! Or I might just send you some :) Don't forget to subscribe to ZHC Crafts as well

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    I love how u help the community zch😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

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    Ur so talented!

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    Hi ZHC I love you so much!

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    Honestly I don’t blame Johnny for leaving.😈

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    This bus was the best bus ever. And you are the best customizer.

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    So artistic I'm the only one in class who is the best artist till I watched you guys

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    Customize something for the stokes twins

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    one hundred trillion billion years later be like. Today we surprised Universe with new 1000 paralel worlds

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    Umm it’s a school bus not really a giant bus

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    I need two Ipads

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    Love ZHC

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    That must of took a lot of days to do that maybe a hole month wait or a week

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    Hopefully you guys watch the hole video

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    The bus looks so cool at the end

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    Do you live in LA or HOLLYWOOD

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    But Michel i dont want them pink : Michel: wELL tO bAd >:D

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    Blue and green tape .....

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    Title: Surprising my Friend with a Custom Bus. Friend: Addison Rae

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    I heard that Addison Rae had a career for volleyball

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    When she wasn’t on Tic took of course

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    Wow!! Look so good

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    Not the Karen🤣

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    For a sec I thought he said “Mrbeast”

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    45 years later i will be surprising The world for a new Planet

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    These people are very VERY kind

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    can u draw 3D

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    Me:Stop driving on the wrong side of the road! Also Me:Oh Yeah your American 😵‍💫

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    Zhc almost fell on stairs

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    Go to 00:15

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    Ahh wont u send gifts for ur fans from international levl. Bruh there are more fans in india cmon man send gifts for us to no youtubers in india does this much giveaway

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    I watched every single video u do like every and I started painting since when I was 3 and I’m 8

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    Bluebird visions are my favorite type of busses 😂

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    Me wondering was does zhc stands for My brain : Zach Has Cash

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    zhc in 50 years zhc giving the earth a brand new world

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    15 YEARS LATER: Surprising the world with a custom country

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    I think viv does the most realistic people drawings like THEY ARE SO GOOD

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    Imagine the tape lady was confused dad ZHC by all of the tape ZHC: let’s get started Tape lady: here we go again

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    lets face it tik tokers dont deserve this

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