I Spent 50 Hours In An Art Store


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    I need it

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    Wishing for my very first apple product ❤️ More love and support from the Philippines! ❤️

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    I can't wait to see it I will be living there

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    Nice vid

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    @zhc 😁hope fully you chooses me so I can have good recording products for the James Stroud Classical guitar competition for next year. If not can I have a customized painted classical guitar. ? 🤣🤣hope fully it isn't a long shot

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    I like your paint

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    How rich is he

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    I love your videos and i would love to win something

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    I love art

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    Damn thats cool

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    I like the paintings very much!

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    I love u r videos and lots of love u really work very hard for videos I love u r teammmmm😍

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    It's so fun 😄😄😄

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    I have like every video of zhe

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    i love your videos

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    Hi big ten

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    Much people: *Subscribes so they get money and that stuff* Me: *subscribes because I want to watch the video’s*

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    i just wanna say... WOW

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    While watching all of the ZHC videos makes me feel envy🥺, Wishing I have all the art materials because I cannot buy every piece of art material because I can't afford it. ZHC is the most content I have ever seen. I subscribe to all teams because they deserve it. You guys are amazing and talented. I hope you will help a lot of people 🤍🤗

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    I’m rlly late… but did anyone realize he is wearing a Mr Beast shirt

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    Ay güey aquí en Hartford

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    I love dragons and I love your vids! The perfect match

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    goddamn right 12:17

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    butiful art :o

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    I know what You Blurred the people were Naked

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    I love you zhc keep being you :)

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    I subcribe michell: SUBCRIBE TO ZHC!!

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    I watch every vid can I plzzzzz have a

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    Can you custom my air Jordan pls

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    I kinda like how they all got their own colour schemes kinda like the power rangers

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    there going to be broke

  • Olivia Carda
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    love the videos that are so funny

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    all your vid are so cool and yall are soo talented, i like painting too btw

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    Hi i love tour content

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    I love you videos so mush your my favret youtuber ✨

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    An I love you michelle

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    I’m also subed to ms munchi

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    An if you ever do a give away plz draw on mine

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    i've been whaching on difrent devices for 6 years and i keep forgetting to sub but i did just NOW!!!

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    so i've been whaching for about 6 years now and i am 8 i live in michagian and california is far away and i wish i could vist you :) u r the BESTTT

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    I am so amazed by these guys! You help a lot of people jeez💜

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    I love this video!!!

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    Did you see Zackery's shirt it was the MrBeast shirt


    zhc dont spend all your money if you spend it all you will have no food

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    Hellooooooo your the only person I watch because your not fake unlike some people…

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    This were you get your art supply for other vids

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    If he isn't rich,then he probably spent his entirety of his money on his videos.

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    I see all yours vido

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    I love you guys you’re like so funny you were always active

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    In2060 zhc will build a new effle tower and surprise Paris with it I love u guys l hop u will hit 200m subscribers

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    I really love your video I can't even speak

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    i have watched every video you post

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    zhc esy

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    Im jealous of those people who get alot of art supply and be a broke artist not that good artist and only pencil and a a regular cheap notebook as an art supply

  • prisarlo gonzales
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    Aww i reaal want to be on a video cause you it feel like it will be so much fun but i cant ehehe

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    every artist's dream omg

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    The owner of the store will be super happy 😂👍

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    I watch every video you post

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    Plz come England to my school

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    Imagine being so rich you buy iphones because your bored

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    That lady who came in the store with the tattoos she is the assistant principal for the “ I paint a school” video

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    Thia guy is Mr beast, if he was an artist

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    Paint the Empire State building

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    the foods zhc

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    This was funny to watch lol your my new fav youtube ZHC

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    Being a part of this challenge would be like the best 50 hrs of my life!

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    I’ve been watching since 5M subs ur awesome!

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    How do you eat

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    My name is jaz!!!!

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    I really wish I was locked in a art store for 50 hours UnU

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    I’ll come if one of them trades places with me!😂😁✨

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  • i love bts
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    Zach u should get a tatto by apo whang od from the philipines

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    Bts is better than black pink

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    5:02 🤣🤣🤣

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    24 hours passed can you sleep it's night time mom's waiting for you

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    what is the store called

  • Short Girls

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    I tried to draw a blue dragon and when i get a notification of ur video's i click on it and watch it.

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    Love your vids ZHC!! o(〃^▽^〃)o

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    i love drawing

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    I also like to draw

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    What are going eat-

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    “Oh ah jaz grow taller”

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    But I xant subscribe I've been subed for years so I'm already subed

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    Am I the only one that wish I had half if their talented?

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    I watch your videos every day you can say a sentence and I can remember it from a videos and your videos help me sleep

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    You guys are amazing

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    I subscribe to uou

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