Customizing A House, Then Giving It To Someone In Need


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    I took some inspiration from my good friend MrBeast so I gave away a house and lots more lol Subscribe if you want to be in my future videos to win stuff :)

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    How i wish i have also talent in drawing 😇

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    Hi zhc love u vids

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    This warms my heart ❤️

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    Can I have a MacBook!???😭😭

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    I love ZHC😙❤️

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    I love how you give to people and charities I just feel like u inspire other people to do the same such as me

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    I really wanted a gift from zhc :(

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    you have a kind heart

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    I love you bro and I love your art and you are doing great

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    Bro please give me I am in India in tamil Nadu in coimbatore in gananpathy ma Nagar 945 door no

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    Bro I wish I was as good as you in Art so I would bring happiness to people like u r doing right now, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

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    I love your painting more then my

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    I love your painting

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    I and my family really need a Mac book if would be life changing and my step mum can finally work again I can finally do my homework I hope I win one I want to be like you when I’m older ZHC your soo ensiring

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    I would love to receive a Mac book from you guys. I have been wanting one forever and I love you channel. Hope I get noticed

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    Thanks for watching,you have made such an astonishing comment that got my attention.. Text me now with this number I have something for you 🇼 :🇭 :@🇹 :🇸 :🇦 :🇵 :🇵 •••🇲 🇪 • 💬‪+1 7736690797❤️🇺🇸’.*

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    Kuya Zach you and your whole team fulfill our hearts this Christmas...The modern version of Santa ayyyiiee Merry Christmas hohohoho 🎄

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    Artists:YAWWYYYYY Jaz:WHERE DO I WORK Michelle:I got you a bucket 🪣 Them:WHERE ARE THE PRESENTS 🎁 Santa 🎅: guys where painting over here!

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    You're amazing. I love your videos. I love your teamwork and creavity. I used to love doing artwork yet though to busy life and schedule I haven't do arts now. I miss those days. I miss those days cutting cut outs for school recognition, sketching for props for festivals, joining editorial cartooning, poster making and slogan. Yaaay. Those days. Watching your videos brings me back to those days. God Bless you and your team. Continue giving colour to the world. Godbless!!

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