I Customized A School


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    Subscribe if you haven't already and you could win 1 of 1 custom iPhone 12s! also sorry it took so long to upload this video :( This literally took months to plan, film, and edit! I wanted it to be perfect for you guys!

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    @Xtrem well it’s not 160 now! 🥰

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    It's fine it's fine if there's a lot of painting you're the best it's fine if I knew you were the one who should be waiting for you you're the best person in this whole world I love you zhc

  • Art and craft with Rachel

    Art and craft with Rachel

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    Can anyone please help me...I want to study architecture my scores are good but I need laptop to study architecture please anyone help me....it means a lot 🥺🥺🥺

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    I wish I have to for my online class♥️

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    Hi ZHC I❤ you

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    Umm. My school Greenlands State School. I am moving and it woukd really warm my heart if you could paint it. I live in Australia

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    All of you 14 K people out there who dislike this video how how he’s helping the school He’s donating to them he’s giving him money he spending his own money on them

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    Can i get shout out love you

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    ''We decided to START at this school'' Soo we planning to do more schools in the future?

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    6 years later: Customizing the entire Eiffel Tower.

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    I really need a mac book because I can't do school work :(

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    ZHC next video I customized moon.

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    Plz plz plz plz give me a laptop 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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    Can you try playing cat vibing to leaven polkka

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    The students mom be like:How did u get that much money😕

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    17:46 This is the teacher that we all need 😂

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    I've been watching him for 4 years love your videos

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    If ZHC gonna paint my school I really don't think that I m gonna be absent to my school ever.....💜

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    That one student who missed school one monday comes back on tuseday *sees everyone with ipads and iphones and new painting and murals* where is mine

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    Ima girl but um I like the boys mural better lol

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    i actually like the girls bathroom mural more

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    how much money did yall spend or donated this vid omg

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    I LOVE YOU 😘

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    This guys are distributing everything ............they bought the whole earth. ...lots of love guys 😏😌

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    I gotta be honest all of that donated paint wouldn’t even fill half of my school’s art class restock room

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    That student who was sick:AHHHHHHH

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    I Live in Australia no way your coming to my school

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    Wait zhc said "tell your friends too subscribe and maybe i will come too your school *i think that what he said* Me:you can't i live in another country :(

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    hello:> if anyone knows this song can you tell me please thanks 11:05

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    All i can smell is money not paintings 😂😅

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    Like and subcribed and I love your vids been watching you since I was 5 I’m now 12

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    Imagine there is a sequel that he does of the whole entire school grounds and exterior of all the buildings. That would blow me away… 😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

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    I would draw an Among Us character

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    Girls are better

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    god ilove arts

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    11:22 Indo: Arab Engelis: Arabic

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    aaawww thanks you guys are the best and i wish you have the best day of your life love you

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    Let's all agree that Zack and his team are the best artist in the whole world ❤️

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    After this video Zack and his team be sleepig for more than 10 days !!!

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    Jazz is kinda cute is she single?😍😍

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    You just made that video on my brithday🤭

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    Gith me 9000000000000 dollars on pay pall

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    If Zack paints for 1000 years the whole world is covered in paintings

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    I think he will not come to my school because my school is in west Bromwitch and the school is called Holly trinity c of E Primary school

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    The unsuitable result suddenly pine because army simplistically ignore per a keen dad. dead, ambiguous spain

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    I wish i could get his merch but I can’t afford it :(

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    Can I have one customise Mac book ღ🥺

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    omfg can yall try to do driscoll middle school i get it yall live far away

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    He will never come to my school because I live in Norway😭🥺

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    Your frend i cry

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    ZHC give me CHOCOLATE :(

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    Pls 😋🤪

  • Josien Feenstra
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    Com to netherland in Hilversum vondelschool

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    omg, my self be like: cant even draw a human ZHC be like: paint the entire school ZHC Fightingggg

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    Your crazy 🤪

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    I’m at 🇲🇾

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    Zhc+Mr beast=???

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    “ this is a bus, this is BUSling,” dun…dun…TSSSSSSSS

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    Hi I'm from Philippines I really like your videos ☺️☺️👏

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    Please Bulgaria 129 Cofia

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    imagine walking to your school on your way to store and u see people vibrant shirts drawing on ur school

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    Mrbeast: you challengeing me

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    I rlly so shock that u make the school painted I rlly proud of u guys and I I'm a sub

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    Have a shame ok

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    you guys are so nice to give away items to people in need

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    Hi zhc I am in asia in malaysia but i am still subged to you cause you are really wholesome hope you visit asia!

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    Me when i leave school for one day :

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    jake : im tired, im hungry and im leaving. zach : we have cookies jake! jake : oOooooO

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    Do stem lab next😃

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    poor jake👁️👄👁️👌

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    i just love watching you guys draw and paint :0000000

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    Hi im new i LOVE your videos

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    i live in the bahamas

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    I love so much I have been watching since I was 6 and I'm 9 now I hope u see this and Jake I'll sit with you and tell Mackenzie calm down😇😇

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    U should do a collab with Moriah Elizabeth

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    Thx for taking the time to make it

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    Cause if you did thank you

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    i like ZHC team and you are the best i love you all

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    The teacher are you ok

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    Michell is so draining ong

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    Oh if you got me one make me a fire one I love 🔥

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    I love art you are so amazing ZHC

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    Zach. Teacher the student wasn't here u want it? Teacher. Yessssss! The next day Students friend. Bro zhc came to class and gave us free computers 🖥 yesterday and the Teacher took yours Student. WHAT!

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    My biggest flex is ive been Zachs follower before he hit 1 mil.

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    Me:paints a dot and messes up Them:paints a whole school Me:........WELL

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    Girls washroom!!

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    that kid who wasnt at school just missed out

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    im from malaysia chinese UnU

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    I never skip school

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    And brrookhouse in nairobi

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    ZHC but it would be better to see you in detention for 24 hours than customizing a school

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    He’s not coming to my school cusses I live in Sweden🇸🇪 🥺 🥺

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