Would You Finish This Painting For $70,000?


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    Subscribe if you haven't already and you might win $10,000 from me! I'm serious, I said it as part of a challenge in the video! Thank you Monster Legends for sponsoring this video. Download Monster Legends now and get my monster for a limited time monsterlegends.onelink.me/X4Sc/ZHC

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    There’s already a Mr beast



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    💖💖💖💖💖guess someone. ........from that emogi

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    Can I’m hav 1 € ?

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    The hottest lyrics

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    If I could get just 300 dollars, my bf would get a chance to finish his final year in film school.. he's already been deferred twice because of financial issues😒

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    I love your content ☺️☺️

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    # zhc

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    I love your vids

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    i subscribe to your chanel

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    Nobody: MR BEAST: Finally a worthy oppent

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    I don’t have 10k where is it 👀

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    love the videos

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    When I saw the chicken I have pet chickens

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    Zhc: what will u spend the money on? Kid: I'm speechless😲 Mom: *I'm not* COLLEGE

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    I think giving people stuff is kind and sweet🤗 and I am a big fan

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    3:20 inner demon

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    I feel like in all of your videos you give away like 20,00 dollars because you are rich love your art viv

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    Bro I swear this guy's the most generous person I've ever seen, he literally gives away so much money in each and every one of his videos, thanks for being so kind, I'm sure everyone you gave money/supplies to really appreciates it :)

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    You ar sor good

  • Horse
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    I love you so match

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    ZHC:here is $70 000 Me:Omg Mom:Give me that your too young to keep that much

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    Can u surprise SSSniperwolf hihi

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    I gave. $5 to a poor man to help him I wish I gave poor pepole more money!:D

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    I want a nintendo

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    I drew you with only a pencil or just no colors

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    I drew you

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    I love your videos you are so nice

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    Hi I subscribe to your ALthe channel and everyone Else

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    It's a fun video but I'm tearing up!

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    Let's start a chain 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

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    This guy is so amazing. his art is crazy and he is the most caring person ever keep up the good work, man

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    HOw you g was you when you startes to dras

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    Can i get a Nintendo switch

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    I wish I was in one of his videos

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    I love your videos I love your girlfriend to I’ve been loving you guys sent to you guys made your channel ❤️❤️❤️💜

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    I am a very good artist

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    Zhc is turning into Mr beast

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    when i woes 5 ears old i woes soou bad but when i startet watch your videos i wose beter coez you thx

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    I love your videos and I need new airpods and I subscribe and turn on the notification Bell keep on going with your videos❤️❤️❤️

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    I love your art videos

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    I hav never actually seen a Nintendo switch in real life but oh well I guess I could never get into one of u guesses videos bc I’m literally across the world from u I’m in Jedda u guys r in the USA

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    Plz plz get yourself too you give so much stuff away so plzz get yourself too 😭😭😭

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    No one: Zach: today I surprising Justin Bieber with 10 custom Tesla

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    You are awesome zhc

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    faith is to pretty to be on this earth

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    Everyone art are so gorgeous

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    hi zhc you are the best artist iv ever seen on youtube and i watch you every day i love you :]

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    I love your videos they ate amazing

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    I sud to you but I live in Jackson

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    You should get some cars and customize them and put them for sale for one dollar or for free

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    Lmao ZHT took notes from Mrbeast 😅

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    "Cars are very hard to paint" - Zhc

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    I love you ❤️❤️❤️

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    Btw i got dax in monster legend its a great monster

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    you are soooo nice. if i win that i would give it to my mum an dad for bills

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    Michelle:what do you want to spend it on? Boy: Thinking all the Devices and games he can buy Mom: COLLEGE

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    you are so cool it would be awesome to win that much money from you

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    I love ur art videos they Inspire me

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    Cried in every video

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    I wonder what his favorite color is?

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    Hackers can only say in tiktok

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    Hi zhc I'm ten years old and I love art I got new paint today and I wad so happy I really hope one day I will be in one of your videos but to be honest with you I'm not that good at art so maybe you can teach me one day if I'm ever in a video

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    It’s so amazing for me to realize there really is amazing good kind people in this crazy the way he gives away phones and money and other stuff is amzing

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    ZHC rly apologized for giving away *more* money then he said ummmm I don't think anyone needs to apologize for that 😂

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    You're awesome zch! I'm a fan

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    ZHC:what are you gonna spend it on:mom COLLEGE!: kid DAMN I WANT ROBUX MOM ROBUXXXXXX

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    Mr beast's Evey video:GIVE MY MONEY BACKNI USE YOU FOR A VIDEO: ok Mr beast's OK goes back to Watching ZHC

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    Mr beast

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    you should make art with candy

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    hi zhc i love vedeio

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    Zhc...y'all are so awsum...really wish i could win a vehicle...maybe one day!!! Praying 😇🙏😇 God bless you all for paying it forward...

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    I like that zack that mabye i will be in my future video and I’m like NEVER GIRL I LIV IN NORWAY 🇳🇴 . Zch pls com to Norway

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    Zack:what are you gonna spend the 5 grand on Dylan:A- Dylan,s mom:college

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    Zhc: will you finish my Stickman for $1,00000 stranger be like: OMG for real!!!!😯😮😮😮😮😮😮😮💥💥

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    Hey ZHC I love your videos so much! I wish to be in your video one day! Love all of you guys!

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    No I don’t want to have money I want my life☺️

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    I love you guy's I love ZHC becouse I like drawing and coloring . Im born in Croatia so I never can sea you in real life . Im living very near Zagreb so if you going in Croatia plis com to the DS it is beautiful and have a perfect people's .My scholl is very old and she look so bad whitout grafits like before she look sad ...... Whit you guys I lerning English and I lering how to draw. Tank you so much you are hear to me

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    😱😱wow..you guys are amazing and so kind..🥰 hope i can be like you🥰 i am just a local beginner artist who cannot able to afford even a single paint brush 🖌️😢🖌️

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    You're awesome zhc😱😱 you're so kind,im just a beginner local artist who are not able to buy even a single paint brush😢 🖌️

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    I might get a chair for me, and maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe for my brother too That line just cracked me up

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    You're amazing. I love your videos. I love your teamwork and creavity. I used to love doing artwork yet though to busy life and schedule I haven't do arts now. I miss those days. I miss those days cutting cut outs for school recognition, sketching for props for festivals, joining editorial cartooning, poster making and slogan. Yaaay. Those days. Watching your videos brings me back to those days. God Bless you and your team. Continue giving colour to the world. Godbless!!

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    Hi i love your art video’s i sub about 1 year on my other acc but i live in the Netherlands and i realy want to meet you but You live far away but love you and make good video’s

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    Can I be in one of your videos

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    I thought zhc had a nice car??? Not BEING mean by the way

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