I Customized A Hospital, Then Paid Everyone’s Medical Bills

This was the most meaningful thing i've ever done
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    Subscribe if you haven’t already I might send you $10,000 to help you out with anything you might be going through right now Also for those of you wondering, I want to use the money I make to keep helping people. The money we spent on this video will help a lot of people with portions of their medical bill short term but in the long run I want to make sure everyone gets the help they need and this is only just the beginning! I want to use my platform and money I make to really make an impact and change the world!

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    I wish you could come on Maui ( one of the Hawaiian islands) and do a video to help one of our homeless shelters because one of my family members used to be wealthy but they got into hard times

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    Dude, a hospital REALLY!?!? Next video title: I customized Texas and then I gave it to a homeless man

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